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The Premiere Car Ownership Alternative

About Us

AutoLet is the perfect solution for drivers who want an affordable, reliable alternative to car ownership. With AutoLet, there are no credit checks and you can choose from a variety of car types on a month-to-month basis. There are no contracts and all it takes to get started is a small refundable deposit. Join our family and take control of your budget! Get started now by clicking the button below.


 – George Hill, Founder, and CEO

What separates AutoLet from everything else?

AutoLet was designed to specifically address the lack of options currently available to potential car buyers. AutoLet is cheaper than subscription or rental programs, more affordable than buying, and more flexible than leasing.

  • No Credit Check
  • No Contract
  • 100% Maintenance Free
  •  No Down Payment
  • No Mileage Limitations
  • No Vehicle Registration Fees

Our Vision

AutoLet is cheaper than subscription or rental programs, more affordable than buying, and more flexible than leasing. Like car-sharing programs have done for the taxi industry, AutoLet will expand the market for people interested in an affordable daily driver.AutoLet is poised to shake up and disrupt the automotive retail industry. An easy to remember name that slips off the tongue and memorable and is uniquely positioned to become the name of a unique new market.




Our Mission

AutoLet will seek to take advantage of trends and growth in the market as a Car Ownership Alternative specifically targeted at  individuals and businesses seeking to save money. Our focus is to rescue those trapped into subprime or high interest rates.


  • Peace of mind driving.
  • When we say FAR we mean – Flexible, Affordable, Reliable.
  • Nothing beats AutoLet for cost of driving savings.
  • Guaranteed maintenance free driving.
  • No pressure completely online transactions.

Car Options

Autolet Basic

older yet reliable vehicles from the fleet that are the most economical solution for most strict spending budgets. These vehicles are all 100% maintenance-free.

See All

Autolet UV

SUV's, pickups, and vans are covered by this type. With family members visiting or need a utility vehicle to operate regularly, AutoLet UV is ready These vehicles are all 100 maintenance-free. See All

Autolet Standard

The primary choice from the AutoLet fleet. Affordable and attractive vehicles that are perfect for daily use. These vehicles are all 100% maintenance-free. See All

Autolet LUX

High-end vehicles that make a statement as soon as you arrive. For special events or stylish everyday drivers. These vehicles are all 100% maintenance-free. See All

Autolet Service

Want to drive for Uber or Lyft or replace a vehicle in the company fleet? These vehicles are prepared to earn you money. These vehicles are all 100% maintenance-free. See All

Why the change

In today’s economic environment, affordability, qualifying for credit, vehicle conditions, contracts and large down payments are just a few of the challenges and obstacles that consumers face when looking to purchase a vehicle. In the United States alone, there were approximately 227.5 million licensed drivers in 2019, with that number expected to increase in 2020. This does not account for the millions of Americans who are left without ownership and little alternatives. The traditional car ownership and leasing industry has been stagnant, as no company has disrupted the space to offer alternative, added value options for Americans.

There has been tremendous growth in the number of vehicles sold across the United States dating back to 2015, with over 58 million vehicles sold in 2019 alone. However, as of 2019, seven million Americans were behind on their auto-payments and with the onset of COVID-19 three million auto loan accounts have fallen in ‘hardship financial status’.

The Smartest most Affordable Alternative to Buying a Car

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