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Autolet terms and conditions


By selecting the “Agree to Terms and Conditions” checkbox, you accept the terms and conditions as set out herein by AutoLet, llc. Please read this agreement carefully. If there is anything you do not understand, please ask an associate to explain it.

All AutoLets begin as a subscription at checkout by default. If you intend to keep the car, you don’t need to do anything after checkout until you choose to cancel your usage. If you are planning to return the vehicle after your one month usage period you can go yo your “My Accounts” page immediately and cancel the subscription and your usage will remain in effect until the end of your month of usage at which point you can return the vehicle. For details on how to cancel, visit the FAQ page under the  “Help |FAQ” link at the top of the webpage and click on “How to cancel an AutoLet”


You will have use of the vehicle for the period specified in the agreement. We may agree to extend this AutoLet™ period, but the total AutoLet™ commitment will not be for less than the indicated period of time specified at checkout. If you do not return the vehicle on time, you will be in breach of the terms of this agreement. You will be subject to fees every day or part of day you have the vehicle beyond the AutoLet™ period defined by the agreement. Fees are defined and listed at each AutoLet™ location or may be available online. Fees will continue to accrue until the vehicle has been returned or recovered. If you violate any of the terms of this agreement, we can ask for immediate return of the vehicle before the agreement due date. To do this we will give you written notice in person or send it via your email address given on the AutoLet™ agreement. Once we have given you the notice, you will no longer have our permission to possess the vehicle. If we send you a notice, the following day after we have posted it you will no longer have our permission to have the vehicle. If we believe you have given us false information, we may take back the vehicle without giving you any notice and you will forfeit any deposits or balance of fees on account.


Your state’s Motor vehicle insurance state minimums must be maintained at all times based on our agreement for every authorized driver. Any lapse in your coverage at any point the vehicle is in your possession would be grounds to forfeit this agreement and loss of all deposits and fees. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with your insurance coverage.
You must inspect the vehicle and any accessories we provide before you take the vehicle. If you are not satisfied with the vehicle or you do not think the condition of the vehicle meets our pre-AutoLet™ inspection report, you should let us know. You must look after the vehicle, any accessories and the keys or other locking device for the vehicle. You must always lock the vehicle when you are not using it, and use any security device which is fitted or which we supply. You must always protect the vehicle against weather conditions which could cause damage. You must make sure that you use the correct type of fuel and fluids in the vehicle.Ultimately, you are responsible for the upkeep and overall maintenance of the vehicle you AutoLet and are to let us know of any issue that may arise from its use. You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle including all glass ( unless covered by your insurance or NQA protection ) as well as damage caused by hitting low-level objects such as bridges or low hanging tree branches. You will have to pay our reasonable costs for bringing the vehicle back to the condition stated in the pre-AutoLet™ inspection report. This could include the cost of any damage inside and outside the vehicle, cleaning costs if the vehicle is very dirty, and replacing any items or accessories. You must not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle or any of its parts. You must not give or try to give anyone the legal rights to the vehicle or transfer legal ownership. You must not let anyone work on the vehicle without our permission. If we do give our permission, we will only give you a refund if you have a receipt for work we have authorized. You must let us know as soon as you become aware of a fault with the vehicle or if the vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident. If we have agreed to drop off the vehicle at an address you give us, you will be responsible for the vehicle from the time we drop it off. Unless we have agreed to collect the vehicle from you, you must return the vehicle to the location or AutoLet™ branch we specify. You must return it during opening hours or at a time we tell you. When you return the vehicle, our staff must check its condition. If we have agreed to allow you to return the vehicle outside of our opening hours, you will stay responsible for the vehicle and its condition until our staff can check its condition. You must not carry any object or substance which, because of its condition or smell, may harm the vehicle or delay us in future AutoLet or selling it. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all vehicles at all times.


We will identify and tell you about any existing damage to the vehicle before you sign the AutoLet™ agreement. We have maintained the vehicle to at least the manufacturer’s recommended standard. The vehicle is roadworthy and suitable for you to use at the start Of the AutoLet™ period.


We are only responsible for loss or damage to property in the vehicle if the loss or damage is a result of our neglect or if we have broken the conditions of our agreement. You are responsible for removing your personal belongings from the vehicle at the end of the AutoLet™ period, as we are not responsible for any items you leave in the vehicle. If you do leave items in the vehicle, we may agree to keep them for you to collect within a reasonable time. We may charge you reasonable costs for storing the items.


Only you, any driver named on the AutoLet™ agreement. and anyone we have given written permission to, can drive the vehicle. Anyone driving the vehicle must have a full driving license which is valid for the type of vehicle you AutoLet. You must not rent or attempt to sell the vehicle to anyone else. You must also not use or let someone else use it for any illegal purposes or in a way which would cause nuisance. To carry passengers for a fee if not specifically allowed by AutoLet, LLC. For driving lessons, to tow or push any vehicle, trailer or any other object, without our written permission. For racing. pace making, or to test the vehicles reliability or speed. Off roads or on roads unsuitable for the vehicle. If the driver has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Outside the authorized areas. If it is loaded beyond the manufacturers maximum weight recommendations. To carry unsecured loads. To carry more passengers than the vehicle was manufactured to legally carry; or If the driver does not have a valid operator’s license (if it is a goods vehicle or a minibus).


We work out our charges using our current price list. You will be responsible for paying the following charges. The AutoLet™ fees and any other charges we work out according to this agreement. Any charge for loss or damage resulting from you not keeping to your responsibilities, as set out above.A refueling charge if you return the vehicle with any less fuel than we supplied you with originally (all vehicles are supplied full of fuel at the start of the AutoLet™). Our price per gallons for fuel is displayed at the location or on our fees page when you AutoLet™ the vehicle from or can be supplied by an associate. All charges and legal costs for any congestion charge. road traffic offense or parking offense, or any other offense involving the AutoLet™ vehicle, including costs from the vehicle being clamped, seized or towed away. You are responsible for paying the appropriate authority or company for any charges and costs if and when they ask for these payments. You will also be responsible for paying our reasonable administration charges for dealing with these matters. The reasonable cost for repairing any damage to the vehicle which was not noted at the start of the agreement, whether you were at fault or not as defined herein. You will also be responsible for paying the reasonable cost of replacing the vehicle if it is stolen or written off, depending on any insurance you have, if and when we demand this payment. A loss-of-income charge, when we demand it, if we cannot AutoLet the vehicle because it needs to be repaired beyond included coverage, if it is a write-off (if it cannot be repaired), or if it has been stolen and we are waiting to receive full payment for the vehicle’s value. Any recovery charges arising from, the police, or any other public organization (or their agent) who has seized the vehicle. You will also have to pay us a loss-of-income charge while we cannot AutoLet the vehicle. Any published rates for delivering and collecting the vehicle, a charge for an extra driver or returning the vehicle late, and charges for accessories such as child car seats, satellite navigation systems and other similar items. Interest, which we will add every day to any amount you do not pay us on time, at the rate of 4% a year above the base lending rate as published by Bank rates. We will publish this rate from time to time or can supply these rates upon request. Any surcharges and all other taxes on any charges listed above, as appropriate. A pre-legal charge of $175.00 if our associates or legal services have to contact you for any breach of your payment obligations. In the event of legal action against you for any breach of your payment obligations, the charges outlined will not apply and we will then charge you all costs allowed by the court, where an award is made in our favor.


If we arrange separate motor insurance coverage, we will give you information on the motor insurance coverage and any restrictions that may apply.We have a legal limited responsibility to maintain third -party motor insurance. This provides limited coverage for claims if you injure or kill anybody, or damage their property beyond your state minimum coverage. Coverage for damage to property is limited to $1 million. All vehicles are insured by our corporate coverage for Comp Risk. In the event of accidental damage to our insured vehicle you are responsible for the first $3500.00 of repairs. All vehicles are insured for Comp Risk as stated above in accordance with the states requirements. In the event of theft of our insured vehicle you are responsible for the first $3500.00 of the loss.


A requirement in our AutoLet™ agreement, you must arrange your own vehicle insurance to cover your legal responsibility for any loss and maintain this coverage at all times, or if the vehicle is stolen or damaged, for the full period you AutoLet the vehicle for. You must prove that this vehicle insurance is valid and sign the confirmation on the AutoLet™ agreement and present proof of this coverage upon request by AutoLet at any time during your AutoLet period. Your insurance coverage must define AutoLet , llc as the owner of the vehicle. Any breach of this agreement may result in the termination of your AutoLet agreement. We have the right to agree and approve:The amount of coverage you arrange. The type of policy you choose; and The insurer you choose. We must be satisfied with the insurance coverage and policy conditions, and you must not change them without contacting AutoLet, LLC. We will ask your insurers to record our name as the owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle is damaged or stolen we will negotiate any settlement for loss or damage with your insurers, and we will receive any money they pay out related to the vehicle. This includes allowing us to take legal action in your name and defending any proceedings taken against you. You are responsible for paying the full claim and paying all costs if the policy you have arranged fails and the vehicle is damaged, lost or stolen, or someone else makes a claim.


If you are involved in an accident it is your duty to immediately contact AutoLet, llc., you must not admit that you are responsible. Obtain a copy of the Auto Accident/Damage Report Form and fill out all applicable fields. You should describe the situation as fully as possible when you are asked to do so by the police and us. You should get the names and addresses of everyone involved, including eyewitnesses. You should also:Make sure the vehicle is secure. Tell the police immediately if anyone is injured or if there is a disagreement over who is responsible; and again, contact us immediately by phone or app. You must then fill in our accident report form and send submit it as indicated or specified on the AutoLet™ agreement. If the vehicle has been stolen, you must tell us as soon as possible and confirm this in writing as soon as is reasonably possible. You or any authorized drivers will also need to:Get names and addresses of any witnesses and give them to us. Send us any notices or other documents relating to any legal proceedings arising out of the theft or loss. Help us and our insurers in any legal proceedings, including allowing us to take legal action in your name and defending any legal action taken against you; and Give us back all keys and report the theft or loss to the police as soon as reasonably possible. DATA PROTECTION By entering into this AutoLet™ agreement you agree that we can process and store your personal information in connection with this agreement. We will use your information to analyze statistics, for market research, credit control and to protect our assets. You agree that if you break the terms of this agreement we can pass your personal information to credit reference agencies, debt collectors, the police or any other relevant organization. We can also give this information to the authorities, which can share your personal information with its members to prevent crime and protect our assets, as allowed.


We will end this agreement if we find that you are in violation of any of the terms as specified by our agreement. We may end this agreement if you do not meet its main conditions. If you are a company, we will end this agreement if there is a change in corporate status that we have not been made aware of or change in ownership or your company no longer meets any of the conditions of this agreement. If we end this agreement it will not affect our right to receive any amount you owe us under the conditions of this agreement. We can also claim reasonable costs from you if you do not meet the main conditions of this agreement. We can repossess the vehicle and charge you a reasonable amount for doing so.


This agreement is governed by the laws of the city, county, state or country in which it is signed. Any dispute may be settled in the courts of that jurisdiction.


Any person who is not party to this agreement cannot enforce any of our responsibilities under this agreement.


I agree to the Terms and conditions of the Service

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