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Most frequent questions and answers

To cancel an AutoLet, log into your account.

Hover over the “Help|FAQ” main menu link and click on “Account Page”.

Click on the “Orders” button

Click on the view button for the order you wish to update.

Scroll down to “Related Subscriptions” section and click on the name of the product you wish to cancel, that product should say “Active” at the end of that line under Status.

Once the window has opened locate the cancel button under the “Subscription Info” column and click it.

Confirm the cancellation and any further renewals or charges will be cancelled.

Be sure to return to the “Related Subscriptions” section to cancel all related products you no longer wish to keep.

Your Subscription will continue until the term of your subscription has expired.

To remove items from your cart, locate the cart icon at the right side of the menu bar.

Once the page loads locate the “x” under the “Delete” column at the end of the product you wish to remove a click on it and it will be removed from your cart.

When you AutoLet a vehicle it is by default set up as a subscription that will automatically renew at the end of each period. In addition it will automatically charge the card on file.

If the member does not intend to keep the AutoLet beyond the initial Autolet period They can cancel at any point prior to the renewal date and the AutoLet will continue until the usage expiration date.

These vehicle add-ons are charged like the AutoLet vehicles and can be cancelled at any point during the use period.

To cancel a subscription go to your accounts page and hover over the name of the item you would like to cancel. Click on the name and select and click on the cancel button.

A popup will ask you “Are you sure you want to cancel your AutoLet? Click on the “Yes, I want to cancel” button and this will cancel future charges for this item.

Under the status column you should see “Cancelled” listed.

If a cars button is showing as Out of Stock “Wait List”, then that car is currently unavailable to AutoLet. However by clicking on that button you can add your name to our wait list and reserve your place in line when that car or the next available car is back in stock.

One of our staff will contact you to see if you are still interested in an AutoLet.

Join the AutoLet Waitlist We will inform you when the AutoLet is back in stock. Please leave your valid email address below.